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Infatuation or being smitten is the state of being carried away by an unreasoned passion, usually towards another person for whom one has developed strong romantic feelings. .
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  • Many may refer to it as love at first sight.
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    Coming from the rarified Japanese restaurants in which they trained, partners Taka Sakaeda, Jihan Lee and Lisa Limb envisioned Nami Nori to be a more inclusive place that balances accessibility with a dedication to quality and creativity with a respect for traditional techniques.

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    Llama San is a Nikkei restaurant in the West Village from the people behind Llama Inn.

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    Llama San isn’t the only Nikkei restaurant in NYC, but it is the only Nikkei spot where you can eat things like lobster with beef heart and kampachi tiradito with uni and matcha foam.

  • Hours: Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.
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