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. Lyrics to Michael Franti Do Ya Love: So many times, people turn they backs to you 'cause they don't want to see, what's inside you 'cause lookin' inside of you They might realize there's something inside of them They might not want to find But it ain't about.
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  • We all know the feeling, especially if we live in the UK where writer Jeff Lynne was from: it’s been raining, and finally (yes, finally.
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    He is also an outspoken supporter for a wide spectrum of peace and social.

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    When I fall down, I need a helping hand And when I lose my head, it's cause it's always buried in the sand When I get stuck on myself, feelin' sorry for myself Will you help me grab a hold and.

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    (repeat) "ya know fallin' in love is like easing into a hot tub It feels good on your feet but by the time you Get to your mid section you know your either Gonna get all the way in or all the way.