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Jul 4, 2022 · With Black Moon Lilith conjunct Nessus, this abuse hot spot in the natal chart gets stroked, by a teasing, phantom energy that’s difficult to name or recognize, and become the shadow qualities of Gemini (lies, gossip, verbal cruelty). .
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    The Dance of Sextile: Understanding the Moon Sextile Lilith Synastry.

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    Jun 4, 2022 · In your natal chart, depending on the sign and house your Black Moon Lilith is placed in, you can experience power struggles, demonization and suppression similar to Lilith.

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    If we examine our natal chart looking at Lilith/Dark Moon as ‘absence’ or ‘lack’ of something we find immediately interesting connections both on a practical level and on a deeper,.

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    Where Lilith lands in your chart reveals facets of your power, inner truth and clues to necessary shadow work.